Work Experience Manchester

I visited my uncle in Manchester  and asked him for the oppertunity to do work experience with him. He was able to arrange a week of shadowing the camera trainee to help me learn exactly what their responsibilities are. As well as gaining a better understanding for how fast and organised you have to be to work within TV.

The set
The set
Bouncing the light to fill the apartment
The Alexa mini on the dolly
The back drop behind the set windows and the 20k light
The studio lighting set up
The Magliner (where I spent a lot of time)


Amber (the camera trainee) showed me around set, and taught me about her role whenever she got a spare moment. I learnt invaluable skills such as:

    •  Running cables and securing them safely with gaffer tape
    • Assisting her setting up and re-locating monitors for the DOP, Director, script supervisor and art department
    • She taught me how to mark the clapper board and log card info for the script supervisor
    • Keeping all batteries charged and marking the empty ones with a orange tape X and the full ones with a green tape /
    • Once the camera is set up first thing in the morning, placing coloured tape over the media slot so the operator knows its ready
    • Setting up and moving the kit for the camera dept. as well as assisting the grips
    •  To cut out different coloured camera tape at the start of each day and stick it on the back on the clapper board so it is ready to be used
    • Tabbing tape
    • Running media to the DIT
    • Getting lots of cups of tea and coffee for the camera dept.
    • Keeping the van and Magliner organised



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