Beached Whale Camera Tests


Hannah and I spent the afternoon in Prime doing a few camera tests for the BnB scene of the script. The elderly couple will be lying on the bed for the entire scene and it is one of the only scenes using lighting. We measured out the size of the space we were going to have to work with. i set up the F5 while Hannah put up various nets to funnel the light more on to the face of the subjects and less on the body.


The  settings for the F5 were: 1/50, 25 fps, 3200, slog 3, 1920x1080p, 2.8 t stop – with a lovely chunky wave form.

As well as using the nests to direct the light Hannah also experimented with ‘skirts’ of black wrap around one half of the china ball.

Latitude test for the F5 to find the best conditions for the camera to shoot in


Link to rushes from test:

We also looked at alternatives for the steadicam such as the Easyrig for use in the final scene on the beach. We looked at the final scene of Submarine but decided that it movement is too jarring and distracts the audience from the story too much.

The Easyrig is a happy medium between handheld and Steadicam. We are going to visit Provision soon to test one out and see exactly what type of shots we could achieve.


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