Cine Workshop – The Arri Alexa


In our first workshop we were shown the the Arri Alexa classic. The camera itself is incredibly heavy and putting it on sticks can be a bit of a challenge as the base plate needs to be perfectly lined up before it can be mounted. The Alexa uses a PL mount which I am fairly comfortable using. 14855981_10154075870861173_4145432578832499872_o

The Arri Alexa uses a False Colour feature which is similar to that of a ‘zabras’ which helps indicate potential ‘clipping’, however the false colour table of the Arri Alexia refers to the colour coding regions of the image to indicate exposure levels. We did a few set ups to familiarise ourselves with the feature.

We split in to groups for the afternoon session, Sammy took on the role of DOP and wanted to recreate a a shot from The Revenant inspired by Tarkovsky ( the first shot) :


I chose to camera operate this to help improve my muscle memory when it operating in the graduation films using the F55.


(see slide show bellow)


14939358_10154075869931173_5196734695231012532_o14856075_10154075869936173_1459656580942586662_o         14940000_10154075870091173_141964871723550641_o

This is what we shot in class:



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