MA Shoot Sleeping With Wolves

I was second AC on the MA shoot Sleeping With Wolves where I was really able to improve the skills I’d learnt from my work experience over summer.  A huge part of filmmaking is the speed and agility it takes to set up equipment efficiently. So by keeping up practise you are improving muscle memory for working on set.

Some of the jobs I did as 2nd Ac included:

  •  Running cables and securing them safely with gaffer tape
  • Setting up and re-locating monitors for the DOP, Director and script supervisor
  • Marking the clapper board and logging card info for the script supervisor
  • Keeping all batteries charged and marking the empty ones with a orange tape X and the full ones with a green tape /
  • Setting up and moving the tripod/ shoulder mount / lenses and other accessories for the camera dept.
  • Assisting the operator by gripping and holding cables
  • Assisting the 1st AC to measure distances
  • On Cold Feet I’d learnt a trick from the camera trainee to cut camera tape at the start of each day and stick it on the back on the clapper board so it is ready
  • Tabbing tape
  • Running media to the DIT
Setting up the Arri Alexia with the 1st AC
The camera dept.
Learning how to set up the monitor
Holding cables

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