Pitching and Crewing Up

The pitching session went really well. I was pretty impressed with how great most of the scripts were. During the session I made a note of which ones really stood out to me and why I wanted to work on them. However, I’m finding it hard to view the scripts as an operator and not a DOP! Although I’m keen to push myself as an operator by expanding my op-ing styles and hopefully working closely with each of the DOPs.

My choices:

1. Beached Whale
2. Local Produce
3. Post it
4. Home
5. The Deserters
6. Hindsight and Real time
7. Little Sin

The pitch for Beached Whale was one of my favorites and instantly gripped me! The story is so sweet and quirky it really reminded me of a Wes Anderson film such as Moonrise Kingdom


The Deserters was another favourite! I loved the ambitious nature of this modern, western inspired short could be so cinematically stunning. I know the DOP fairly well and think we would work well together.


14940212_10154079957941173_2371011531388229633_oThe final film I am really keen to work on is Home. Another ambitious project which just instantly grabbed me! This post apocalyptic world would be a huge challenge to create. I envisage it with a similar style to that of The Road and The Hunger Games.


All three films could require some incredibly beautiful Steadicam shots. I’m not entirely sure what the protocol as as Steadicam operator and camera operator but I plan on going through the scripts and picking out key scenes I think would require Steadicam to pitch to the DPs. I am also considering working on the Side Effects documentary as camera op/DP but just want to make sure that I don’t end up having films that clash when it comes to the shooting weeks.


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