Setting up the Steadicam Scout

  1. Setting up the Sled (00:00-02:43 mins)
  • Mount the docking bracket on the stand and lift the sled out of the box and slide docking ring into docking bracket and lock securely
  • Attach the battery, monitor and any other accessories making sure the are securely tightened
  • Centre fore and aft and side to side adjustments by turning the knobs on the camera stage – keeping everything central
  • Mount camera on sled with the mounting plate, firstly finding the cameras centre of gravity (place camera on pencil and roll back and forth and side to side until it balances)

2. Balancing the rig: 4 key stages (02:43 + )

  • Static balance keeps the rig in an upright and level position whilst hanging from the gimbal
  • Dynamic balance keeps the rig upright when panning
  • Inertial balance determines how resistant the rig is to angular changes
  • The operator must attach the arm to the vest and balance it for her own body



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