The Deserters Test Shoot

Here are some of the rushes (ungraded) from the test shoot. We shot on the f5 so decided to shoot at its native ISO of 2000, but have since decided that it is not the best decision due to the noise. For the final film we will shoot at ISO 800, as we will be using a lot of natural light, this means will have a safety margin of up to ISO 2000 if it is too dark.

I have had a fair bit of practise operating on the Quad dolly since the workshop and felt this shot did work quite well:

This shot really captures the mystery and gangster feel of the film, building tension slowly:

We hadn’t planned this handheld shot at all but it was fun to do. This particularly noisy shot is exactly why we will start at iso 800 and potentially move up to ISO 2000 if essential.

Zak (DP) edited the clips together and graded them- its so helpful to block out this scene before the actual shoot as its given me a lot to think about in terms of composition. Luckily we have been made aware of the issue of the native ISO being simply too noisy. We now know for the actual shoot we really shouldn’t go over 800


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