Home – Directors Workshop Test Shoot

The ‘Home’ test shoot went really well and we all worked together very well. We had a huge amount of shots to get through for the day but some how managed to get around 26 shots, only cutting a few unnecessary ones. The set up time was quick, which meant we were able to do up to 4 takes when we needed to. The set looked incredible, which none of us were really expecting, but it really helped us visualise the scene properly. Everything was going very smoothly, up until the lights fused and no one could figure out why this had happened. We decided to send the rest of the crew and actors on lunch while we checked each and every cable, light and plug, to figure out what had gone wrong. We took down all the lights until we found that the cable of a 1K light had been draped over the top of it, eventually melting the rubber casing and essentially making the entire lighting stand and light alive! Luckily no one had touched it and luckily it had fused! We were all pretty shaken up by this, as a group of cine students the group of us working on this particular shoot were probably the most engaged in the classes and workshops and love to get involved in every way possible. It was a real shock to see how easy it is to make such a rookie error. However, I can gladly say that not a single one of us will ever make that mistake again and we will always take extra care when working with lighting equipment.

We set up again after lunch an continued filming. Here is a colour graded example of the shot




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